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Obama More Likely to Repeal UIGEA?

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Las Vegas attorney Anthony Cabot, specializing in internet casino gambling, told the public the likelihood that either US presidential candidate will have on the industry , with Barack Obama more apt to allow internet gambling than John McCain.

                Cabot of course referred to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, saying that the election could have an effect on its repeal or continuation. According to the Las Vegas Business Press, Cabot’s expert opinion is that a vote for McCain is a vote for the UIGEA.

                “If McCain is elected, the Internet gaming ban would never be repealed,” he said. “I think if Senator Obama was elected, it would be more likely to be repealed.” Cabot mentioned that many Democratic representatives like Barney Frank oppose the ban.

                He mostly cited the vagueness of the UIGEA as the reason for the problems that the new administration is going to face in continuing to enforce the ban. “It’s very hard for a bank to identify what is a legal or illegal transaction,” he said.

                Cabot is notorious for his extensive knowledge in the field of internet casino gambling, sweepstakes and contests.  He had worked for Lionel Sawyer and Collins’ gaming law firm as chairman before moving to Las Vegas-based practice, Lewis and Roca.

                Cabot has received praise from such industry experts as former Nevada Governor and attorney Bob Faiss for having worked with the state’s most prestigious law firm. His move from Arizona to Las Vegas to practice gaming law prompted him to work further in the internet casino community. Cabot is one of the co-founders of the Internation Masters of Gaming Law Foundation.

                During his 27 year long career, Cabot has had a hand in legislation that has allowed foreign ownership of Las Vegas casinos.