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Bodog Appeal Fails

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Bodog(life) users will remember the domain name change earlier this year as the result of a dispute over a patent between the online casino and sportsbook and 1st Technology LLC. Unfortunately for Bodog, whose management has struggled through a slew of attacks recently, the appeal to the Federal Circuit this week did not work in their favor.

                The litigation follows claims in June of last year that Bodog has infringed on a 1st Technology domain name patent, the result of which was a $46,597,849 fee and the confiscation of Bodog domains. Bodog’s appeal had worse results, however, as according to 1st Tech CEO Dr. Scott Lewis the fines now exceed $50 million.

                “We cannot be more pleased,” says Lewis. “Bodog has consistently tried to circumvent the United States justice system, and disregarded the legitimacy of our claims against it. We now have the certaintly we need to accelerate our seizure of any and all global assets to satisfy the judgement, and bring fairness and respect back to Bodog’s commercial dealings.”

                1st Tech had previously celebrated a victory against Bodog in the District of Western Washington last week where the court granted 1st Tech the right to halt any transactions in or out of Bodog’s trademarks.