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Casinomeister Dubs BeTheDealer a Rogue Casino

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Non-profit organization, dedicated to the practice of fair internet casino gaming and mediating disputes, issued a rare warning against an online casino provider last week. The warning follows a dispute in which the casino in question gave administration the runaround for some time.

                There were a series of complaints made against, but the main dispute came from a user who had been unsuccessfully attempting to collect his earning of some $33,500 for several months. The user had made an agreement with the casino, in which the company would pay out in installments, but failed to make more than one payment. After the casino failed to make two consecutive payments, the user filed a complaint with CasinoMeister.

       management refused to issue a statement or discuss the matter, but assure Casinomeister that contact was made with the user to come to a solution. The casino promised the payments would be made within days, and the user accepted. However, no payment was made.

                Casinomeister contacted the company a second time, and were given the same response, saying that a new date for payment had been set. The player agreed to this again, however the payments were not made, despite that Casino agreeing to the money owed. BeTheDealer still owes this player $18,500.

                Any contact from Casinomeister has since gone unanswered and this has gone on for weeks. The dispute has resulted in a cautionary statement from Casinomeister saying, “Warning: BeTheDealer is not paying players even after agreeing to payout terms. The casino manager repeatedly makes and breaks commitments with the end result that players wait but the payments never come. When the requests for help become inconvenient the casino people simply refuse to reply.”

                “Scary moments in online casino land? Seemingly so. Either the casino cannot pay or is simply unwilling to pay this player. Is there a cash flow problem? Is there unreliable customer support? You be the judge, since they are the only ones who know.”