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CAP to Offer Advice Column

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

 , or CAP, has released a bi-weekly Q&A marketing advice column for online casino affiliates which will be written by Bob Rains. Rains has a certain popularity in the marketing field and is most well known for his work as the Head of Acquisition with Befair.

            Affiliates couldn’t ask for a better consultant, as Rains experience includes not only his time at Betfair, but also his service as Director of Online Marketing for Everest Poker as well as other internet marketing management jobs.

            Internet casino affiliates will find Rains’ column in the Learning Center of the website, a section of the domain that provides a multitude of informative articles, educational marketing techniques, SEO and web design.

            “I’m looking forward to helping provide SEO, online marketing and social media solutions to real affiliates facing real challenges in these changing economic and legal times, as well as sharing my stories from my own personal experience,” said Rains in a statement to CAP. “And I can’t think of a better venue to do so than the CAP Learning Center.”

            “We’re thrilled to have Bob Rains on board for this exciting new feature,” said Lou Fabiano, President and founder of CAP. “Bob is deservedly one of the most popular figures in the online gaming industry – especially where that industry crosses over with the world of online affiliate marketing, which is CAP’s jurisdiction. We’re confident that the thousands of CAP members and casual readers who visit the site each day will be directly benefited by his expertise when it comes to online marketing and SEO matters.”