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Casino WebCam is Guilty of Swindling its Users

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor


The gaming community was hit with yet another count of fraudulent activity recently. It seems that Casino Webcam, based in Costa Rica, has been added to the list of rogue online casinos. Scrutiny against the site arose when one of its users reported that he has gone some time without seeing a payout for his $38,000 in winnings. The user has enlisted the arbitration of Casinomeister, a website dedicated to the fair treatment of internet gamblers.

Casino WebCam had introduced one of the newest advancements in online casinos. Its users could play live with live dealers, dice and reactions via webcam. Players could also chat with the dealers, providing a very realistic style of play. This made the site safer all around for its users because they did not have to worry about random number generators. It also gave its U.S. Players legal clout in that they were literally gambling out of a casino in Costa Rica. The online casino offered substantial bonuses and promotions with a 15% NETeller bonus every day. There have been very few complaints about its operating methods until now.

So what happened? The user with the dispute against Casino WebCam claims that he has requested a payout for several months now with no luck. The online casino only allows its players to withdraw $5,000 per month and was initially responsive to the user’s requests for his payout. However, communication with the user and Casinomeister was severed. They have been unable to get a response from the facility through e-mail or telephone. Since soliciting the aid of Casinomeister, the online casino has inexplicably gone offline. Those wishing to access the site at will see a blank page stating that the site has been blocked. It has been reported that the manager and owner of the internet gambling site has gone AWOL.

Casinomeister allows internet casino users free arbitration with any online casino, providing that it’s a legitimate complaint. There is a $500 penalty for any illegitimate findings. If the site is found, as was the case for Casino Webcam, to be non-responsive or fraudulent the website is then added to a rogue list. Since the beginning of this year, 103 complaints have been made against various online casino establishments.

This also illustrates why it is important for the government to consider internet gaming regulation. To further prevent the exploitation of online gamers and their finances, certain laws should be put into effect monitoring the activity of these gambling websites. Despite what is said, internet gambling is not illegal, so long as financial institutions do not provide a means for gamers to pay for this activity. It is not unreasonable for gamers to expect federal legislation to be put in place to protect these finances the government claims to have jurisdiction over.

The amount of fraudulent activity has significantly increased since the industry flourished. For this reason it is important that gamers protect themselves when choosing a casino to play in. Online casino users should regularly check in with blacklists and thoroughly research a facility before using it.