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Hop-on Showcases it's Mobile Casino at Las Vegas CES

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
January 17, 2009

               The online casino community showed a great deal of skepticism when Hop-On Inc announced its live interactive mobile gambling software late last year. Many have discredited this company after it released what it called a “disposable cell phone,” that later turned out to be Nokia phones with a different plastic casing around them.  After a change in brand name and management however, Hop-On assures its customers that it is legitimate.

                The company seems to have made good on its word, having provided critics with a live demonstration of its mobile casino at the 2009 International CES in Las Vegas. Attendees at the convention were able to see the platform in action, finding the booth under a banner which read “”

                “We will be showcasing our Interactive Gaming software,” said Peter Michaels, CEO. “The focus will be on the software, as we could not get Flash to work at its best on the Android platform yet, and Java does not provide the quality that I am looking for.”

                The Andriod platform that the software uses is powered by Google – lending a credible name to Hop-On. Using Android applications, users may access mobile device functionality through standard API’s, and easily embed HTML and Javascript on the web. Applications can run in parallel with notifications for each and every program running.

                “Once we complete the Android OS, we will be going after the Apple OS and Windows OS for cell phone. The Live Interaction, the Real-Time gaming and the ability to chat with other bettors online while getting your cards from a live dealer will be what our software is all about,” Michaels concluded.

                The mobile casino will be offered in Europe online, in compliance with some geographic restrictions, and will be licensed and regulated.