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Make Your Own Slots Game at

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
January 20, 2009

               While thousands of online casinos in existence and many with hundreds of games, sometimes gamers still can’t find the perfect casino. That is why the group, headed by Jan Balslev, has released a do-it-yourself program that uses a no-download flash based program to create customizable slots games. The easy-to-use service is at no cost to internet casino gamblers, and includes a how-to turtorial.

                Online-Casinos has implemented graphics from various online casinos to create, where users may receive embedded codes to post on their home websites. “ allows normal websurfers including website owners to make their own custom slot machines,” Balslev commented. “They can then either play their unique creation on the MakeSlots site, or they can choose an option which provides the finished product in code form which they can export to their own website for use… all completely free of charge.”

                Players name their slots games, choose color schemes and reel symbols and can incorporate custom images. Additionally, the online casino gambler will decide the “starting cash,” which ranges from $199 to $1,000 or 3,980 coins to 19,980. The player chooses the paylines, the coins to bet, the coin size and the number of spins. Audio files are included in the casino.

                For webmasters, can be used to create a themed slot, whether it is gambling-related, political or a promotion of a product. “The permutations and subjects that players, affiliates or webmasters can use are limited only by their own imaginations. This was a project on which we had a ton of fun whilst developing the concept, and so can everyone who tries out the finished product,” said Balslev, “Whether you use celebrities, sports, gaming elements or personal graphics, you can produce a unique and highly customized instant-play slot that’s entertaining and practical in application.”

                The do-it-yourself program may be of particular interest to online casino affiliate programs as a means of making a website look more professional, without the hassle of creating a program themselves. The concept was thought of when a number of U.S. online casino gamblers complained of the lack of websites that cater to the country, and the idea of being prosecuted for using them.

                “…The closer is that users need absolutely no technical skills – we’ve done it all for you and everything you need, even a few suggesting to get you going, is right there in simple animated guide form on the MakeSlots website.”

                Players may access to review a number of examples of customized slots that range from baby pictures, kittens, fish, spiders and fruit themes to scantily dressed women(nudity is forbidden, however). Players are restricted from uploading explicit, racist or copyrighted themes, and are asked not to remove a “little blurb of text” in the generated code that links to MakeSlots and its sister site,