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Rushmore Casino Implements More Effective Responsible Gaming Strategies than the UIGEA

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor
March 17, 2009

               Rushmore Casino has continued to accept U.S. wagers, despite the reintroduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which in order to protect the well being of American citizens and their wallets (but most of all domestic gambling sites and casinos), prohibits the use of banking institutions in gambling transactions online. However, it would seem that Rushmore protects U.S. citizens more than the regulatory bill has.

                Rushmore takes several steps to ensure the privacy and safety of its users, including self exclusion policies which allow users to willingly ban themselves from the online casino for a self-designated amount of time, age verification processing that requires valid form of identification, problem gambling resources as well as resources to parents to prevent adolescents from playing. Conversely, the UIGEA has had little success, leaving financial institutions to enforce the law without clarifying what the U.S. technically considers “unlawful internet gambling.”

                Advocates of the UIGEA pushed the bill as a way of protecting American youth from developing gaming addictions. However, since it has passed, statistics show that online casino gambling has grown steadily. While many online casinos exited the U.S. market after the UIGEA was passed, and even more since the recent domain seizure case in Kentucky (, Rushmore has consistently remained open to U.S. wagers, determined to offer a reliable online casino run with transparency and integrity. Rushmore Casino has become one of the most trusted names in the industry, especially among website that accept U.S. players.

                “I love playing slots and blackjack online, but I would never want my children to explore adult gaming when I’m not there to explain to them the dangers. That’s why I play at Rushmore, which helped me use NetNanny to keep my kids safe,” said a regular player at Rushmore Casino, Scott P.

                Rushmore Casino boasts that it has the highest standards in internet safety.  “We have a reputation as one of the leaders in the ‘Responsible Gaming’ community,” reads a description on the website. “We have installed controls to ensure:

-          There are no under-18 players

-          That you can prevent certain members of your family from gambling

-          There are no illegal players

-          That our software is fair in the games that we offer

-          That we follow a Code of Regulations in administering our games

“It is absolute against the law to gamble if you are under the age of 18. Rushmore Casino is opposed to gambling by minors, and has taken steps to prevent it.”

Since the implementation of the UIGEA, several financial institutions and U.S. legislators have fought, unsuccessfully, to have the terms of the bill redefined or made clearer. While the legislation has yet to be clarified, U.S. players continue to gamble online and banks are not likely to discover online gambling transactions. Instead the bill has deprived the U.S. of billions of dollars in tax revenue, while remaining very ineffective – until it is used to prosecute offshore online casinos and even those that exited the U.S. market, such as Party Gaming.