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mENABLE to Integrate Into the Online Gambling Industry

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

               mENABLE, a leading Micropayment platform has announced its intention to merge into the online gaming industry in the coming year. Once it becomes available through online casinos it will allows these websites to support hundreds of currencies and local payment methods.  This should facilitate the speed of payment transactions to and from gaming sites, especially for U.S. citizens who are unable to use many third party payment processors. Local and alternative payment methods that are preferred in some countries would be available without the hassle of foreign exchange rates and conversions.

                Additionally, with the integration of mENABLE, internet casino gamers would be able to make quick and easy payments directly from their mobil phone. The system supports 30 different countries. This way, users will not have to make use of credit cards or bank accounts to pay the gaming site, which is the reason many U.S. players have been unable to successfully gamble online. Aside from this, mENABLE will allow gamers who don’t own a credit card to easily make payments.

                mENABLE Director Michael Whelan states, “mENABLE is especially suited to online gaming needs because gaming sites have customers in many different countries around the world who want to be able to pay for their item quickly and get back into the game. With our service, gaming sites can offer one inexpensive package that is convenient for their user who do not have a credit card. In fact, all mENABLE options are plug ang play, all of which include the ever popular SMS and phone.”

                It is predicted that this new form of payment, because many users will use their mobile phone to pay, will increase the overall revenue brought in by online casino games. With many internet gambling websites adding mobile casino access to their gameplay, this integration is crucial. For those who opt for this type of payment, the procedure is simple.  Users will connect to the website where they will be asked to call the premium-rate number displayed on the page, or to transmit an SMS to get an access code.
                mENABLE is currently used by some other mainstream gaming sites such as Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s), Virtual Pet Raising Games and Browser games. Because they have their foot in the door and are experienced at monetized item-selling as well as upgrades and virtual currency for these gaming websites, the transition to the internet casino world should go smoothly.  mENABLE would provide the easiest payment platform available to internet gamers.

                txtNation’s Campaign Administration Consultant Joel Rosas commented, “I personally work closely with all such sites and every day we have a new gaming site requiring our billing. We can get them live in just a few hours, end to end.”  There will be a larger commission taken from the payout for SMS, but its advocates say that the increased revenue should more than cover it.

                mENABLE has a 24/7 support team available for web managers and gamers alike, and more information can be found on the website as