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Management Dispute Ends in Closing of Aspiritus

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                A management dispute between two online casino operations has ended in the closing of Aspiritus Gaming. Aspiritus was operating under a Curacao license and Playtech gaming software, but following a “major bust-up” with Inside Gaming, the gambling services were cut off.


                The partnership between Inside Gaming and Aspiritus was short-lived. Those trying to access Aspiritus were informed that it was closed for maintainance. By July 29th, users were given a notice that the online casino operation was searching, however unsuccessfully, to find a different software provider or partner. The notice said that due to “time constraints on delivering new products, the cost of obtaining new licenses or a mixture of both” the site was left inoperable.

                Aspiritus’ management goes on to say, “Over the last week, Aspiritus management has been reviewing the business and it is with great regret that we will have to close the Aspiritus business with immediate effect as the impact… of the recent contractual dispute, and ultimate termination of the contract, with our gaming operator has been devastating.”

                The notice does not specify what really happened between the two operators, but it does continue, “The dispute has put Aspiritus under further financial strain and after reviewing the cash flow of the business, the Aspiritus management team has been left with no alternative.”

From what anyone can gather, the dispute may be the result of contractual and financial disagreements. Aspiritus implied that the fees and charges from Inside Gaming were too substantial to both the operators and the members. It was mentioned that Inside Gaming was charging 35% more than was agreed to in the contract.

                “With the recent transfer restrictions placed on our members, Aspiritus suffered major losses as the casino and poker products make up 95% of revenues. The effect this has had on the goodwill and reputation of the business in supplying services, especially for a community based site such as Aspiritus, are devastating.”

                It has also been announced that Aspiritus will transfer its online casino players to an unidentified gaming operator so that users are do not feel the effects of the site’s closing. According to the notice, “While the decision has been made to close the Aspiritus business, Aspiritus management has held discussion with a new gaming operator, who will be opening their website in August, and they have agreed to place Aspiritus members into their database.”

                This leaves former Aspiritus users discomforted, however, as the site is not only new to them, but brand new to the market. Members holding Club Equity credits have also express concern that the time and effort put into obtaining these credits will be for naught. Aspiritus has stated, however, that they will further negotiate with the mystery-casino operator in attempt to give value to the credits through future ownership of the new company. Aspiritus also intends to convince the new company to transfer the VirtuDAQ and S8 + Superdraw products.

                Inside Gaming has not yet issued a statement, claiming that spokesperson Richard Hogg is away on leave.