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Morris Mohawk Responds to Forbes Magazine

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                 Following the seizure of funds from JBL and ZipPayment, Bodog’s Canadian-based North American associates Morris Mohawk Gaming Group has released a statement. The timely statement was in response to an article in Forbes Magazine, saying that the story made “several misimpressions.”


                “As most of our customers already know, all operators outsource payment processing functions to third parties and these payment processors are subject to regulatory constraints wherever they operate, and occasionally in the US, are subject to legal action because of the uncertain legal environment there,” the statement reads. “However, the seizure of funds from these US payment processors was mischaracterized in this article, which refers to two specific legal cases against US processors. Rightly or wrongly, the article does not make a clear distinction between these cases, which, as a result, paints a misleading picture.”

                According to the statement, the two cases had no relation to each other, and there was a large gap in time between the seizures of funds from such. There has been punitive action against many other payment processors, many of those that are not utilized by Bodog or its consumers. The U.S. has begun to crack down on the online casino gambling market, and even Paypal has undergone scrutiny. In compliance with the IRS, many of these processors have released clientele information.

                The article goes on to allude that all of the $9.9 million seized from belonged to Bodog user accounts. The online casino, sportsbook and poker room says differently.

                “The second case refers to a payment processor known as and seizure of funds from this processor’s bank accounts in Nevada. The article falsely implies- but does not go so far as to state – that $9.9M seized from ZipPayment’s Nevada bank accounts were funds on account for ‘Bodog.’ This is simply false.”