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Inside Gaming Issues an Alarming Response to Aspiritus

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Inside Gaming has issued a response to Aspiritus Gaming’s claims that it is responsible for the demise of the online casino operation. Inside Gaming has denied the allegations made, reporting that the were “totally unfounded” and that Aspiritus decided to end their operation of their own accord. Moreover, the team says that Inside Gaming absolutely complied with the terms of their contract in delivering goods and services.


                The statement provided by Inside Gaming says that the management agreement was signed off by Aspiritus’ attorneys. The online casino gambling management team claims that Greg Kennedy, who may have been involved in a pyramid scheme with World Games Inc, was also responsible for much of the site development for Aspiritus.

                “Aspiritus were paying all fees due up until May of this year. After that date when no settlement was received by the due dates Inside Gaming queried this with Greg Young, who had no idea as to why settlement had not been made. He referred the matter to Greg Kennedy who had been responsible for the authorizing all the past payments,” the statement read. “Some time later we were informed by Greg Young that Greg Kennedy had told him that he was to take instruction only from Clare Isaac, their legal counsel, and that in shirt he wished to pay Inside Gaming the money owed and close the operation down.”

                In what may prove to be bad tidings for Aspiritus users, Inside Gaming states that it was only recently informed of the online casino’s closing, and that no contact information was provided for players to collect their balances owed. Apparently, any recent attempts to contact Isaac were unsuccessful.