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Paf Joins Ethoca's Anti-Fraud Network

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Paf, a Finnish online casino operator, has joined with Ethoca’s fraud management network to ensure the safety of its users. Ethoca has brought more awareness about fraudulent activities to the internet gambling community, urging that it does not stop at the use of credit cards.

                Ethoca has fraudulent activity on the internet, especially in online casinos, occurs in many forms of dishonest activity such as in the case with Paf where the company was experiencing a slew of “chip dumping.” When Paf joined with Ethoca, it was brought to the management’s attention that players were intentionally losing for their chips to the remaining players in a group. Now it is possible for Paf to identify suspicious player activity before it jeopardizes profits or player confidence.

                Paf, being an online casino company that processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, has become an ideal platform for fraudulent activity. It’s partnership with Ethoca is crucial in the survival of the company in that they may share their experiences with others who have encountered the same activity and encourage a wider community of anti-fraud gambling websites.

                  Marko Hieto, head of fraud and forensics for Paf commented, “As a gaming company, fraud is far more than a chargeback. It is any unwanted activity that threatens our bottom line and impacts the integrity of the environment of our loyal players. Paf has been building a powerful internal fraud team to tackle these activities and we see Ethoca as the perfect partner to keep chip dumping at bay.”