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EiG Has Impressive Panel for Conference in Barcelona

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                European Interactive Gaming, or EiG, is due to hold another conference in Barcelona to discuss, among other things, the legal standing of internet casino gambling in the United States. The debate will include an impressive legal team to lead the discussion.

                Clarion Gaming was appointed to organize the conference, announced this week several U.S. experts and poker operators who run legal businesses within the U.S. that will join the panel and discuss U.S. domestic and international law.

                At the top of the roster is Frank Catania, eCOGRA’s independent director and President of Catania Consulting Group and former Assistant Attorney General. Catania is well known for his extensive knowledge of regulatory law and the UIGEA. Catania and his team have dedicated their time and service over the years to obtaining access to the legislative, administrative and regulatory processes on gambling issues. Several publications have been made by Catania on a wide variety of casino gaming and government-related topics, and was a key element in drafting interactive gaming regulations for many online casino operations. He joins the panel to discuss the UIGEA and its impact on online casino operations overseas.

                Mark Hichar will also be featured on the panel. Hichar is a partner at Edawrds Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP,  team of over 75 M&A lawyers who specialize in advising public and private buyers and sellers.  In the conference at Barcelona, he will examine proposals to legalize intrastate regulated i-gaming industries.

                Mark Mendel, partner at Mendel-Blumenfeld LLP and Lead Council in the dispute between Antigua, the World Trade Organization and the United States, involving America’s discrimination toward overseas internet casino gambling, will discuss the impact of international punitive action. The discussion will involve the World Trade Organization’s ruling in favor of Antigua and what the U.S. plans to do next. Mendel-Blumenfeld LLP is a law firm whose practice areas include corporate and securities law, public law, employment law, litigation and more importantly international trade law and internet gambling law

                CEO and Co-Founder of Pureplay, Jason Kellerman is also featured on this year’s roster where he will inform operators on what they need to know regarding the legality of internet gambling in the U.S. and other legal forms of business for i-gaming.

                Finally, the panel will feature Tony Coles, Partner at Jeffery Green Russell and Vice President of the International Masters of Gaming Law who will oversee debate on these issues and how the results of the upcoming election in the U.S. will impact i-gaming companies.  The panel will also prepare for the various outcomes of the general election, or changes in U.S. legislation in favor of internet gambling, if they should occur. The IMGL is a non-profit organization comprised of attorneys, gaming regulators and gaming executives dedicated “to the education, advancement and gaming law profession and exchange of professional information concerning the local and global practice and development of all aspects of gaming law.”

                The conference will be held between September 23 and September 25th this year.