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Cantor Casino Introduces "Statjack"

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                Cantor Gaming continues to appease its users, and now offers professional blackjack, deemed Statjack. The interactive blackjack game provides live guidance on the best selection to make, counting the cards for players, making play more enjoyable and most profitable.


Manu Gambhir, Marketing Director of Cantor Gaming said, “We have a lot of enthusiastic players at our casino who enjoy excitement of blackjack a never-before experience. We wished to produce a direction for every blackjack users to take pleasure in this same stage of excitement and that’s how Stackjack was started. In the design procedure we put thrilling new bets permitting players to bet on the Dealer’s hand – these bets have turned out to be very popular with high rollers and new players alike.”

With the new additions to their gaming software, Cantor Casino offers players what no live casino can. The new form of betting, making wagers on the Dealer’s hands gives players even more opportunities to win.  Moreover, there is no live casino where players would be allowed to count cards, let alone a provided means to do so.

The guidance feature provides users with a “basic strategy” leaving novice players with further understanding of the game and how to beat it. Essentially, players are given a digital advisor, directing them in playing the game and explaining which some plays are good and others are bad.

Finally, the new software allows members to view the percentage of other players who have chosen the same alternatives when dealt the same cards to facilitate decision making in the game. There is no question that Cantor will continue to lead the online casino industry, as it seems to always be one step ahead in the game.