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iMEGA vs. UIGEA: Round Three

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

              The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, or iMEGA, did not receive the ruling it was hoping for in its last legal conflict with U.S. legislation and the UIGEA, but it was given some political clout with which it will continue to battle for the legalization of online casino gambling. iMEGA intends to launch a further attack on the UIGEA before the end of September.

iMEGA had filed notice on April 1st of this year in the Third Circuit Court of Appeal that which questions to dismissal of the suit iMEGA vs. Keisler (Acting USAG) among others, further challenging the UIGEA.

President Ed Eyden announced that iMEGA, an organization dedicated to the advancement of the internet, is preparing for its case. iMEGA intends to file another suit with the Appeals court before the limit for litigation expires.

iMEGA was founded in 2007 with the idea of continuing the growth of the internet and the online casino gambling industry by cooperating with the government at all levels as well as concerned citizens and corporations to make constructive and practical decisions in the industry. The organization promotes “improvement, openness and freedom as the path to even greater advantage of this medium for all.”

The upcoming suit is expected to run over well into 2009, due to other organizations who may wish to participate and ask for an extension. iMEGA is filing for an “amicus briefs” from third parties who have gathered crucial information to facilitate the eventual decision, and forcing judges to think practically about the subject.