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Internet Gambling Clause Returns to GOP Platform

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

              The Poker Players Alliance, one million members strong, urged online gambling enthusiasts over the past few days to address their concerns toward current internet gaming legislation to the Republican Party Platform Committee. The Committee is designed to report the party’s proposals, and manages a website hosting a virtual suggestion box of sorts.

With so many expressing their distaste for the two sentence item on the platform which states the GOP’s stance against Internet Gambling, the draft for the most recent platform appeared without the offending sentences. “This is a small victory in our determined effort to educate both sides of the aisle that there is a true constituency in America that values its Internet freedoms,” said PPA Executive Director, John Pappas.

According to Senator Richard Burr, co-chairman of the 112 member Committee, the move was made to attract more voters to the Republican Party.

But it was too good to be true, as the clause returned soon thereafter. Conservatives of the party had fought for its reinstitution. The clause reads, “Millions of Americans suffer from problem or pathological gambling that can destroy families. We support legislation prohibiting gambling over the Internet or in student athletics by student athletics who are participating in competitive sports.” These are strong words from the party with the highest divorce rates, teen pregnancy and sex scandals.

With the upcoming Republican National Convention, the platform has seen a 50 percent alteration. The committee will meet again next week to produce the final draft for the platform, and will most likely include the internet gambling clause.