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Proposal Made to Limit Lawyers from Gaming Board

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                According to the Pittsburg Tribune, a bill was proposed that will limit the number of lawyers allotted to any casino who had previously worked under the state Gaming Control Board in Pennsylvania.


                The newspaper reports, “Senate Majority Whip Jane Orie, a McCandless Republican, introduced the bill in response to a Tribune Review report last week that the board’s former director of gambling operations registered as a lobbyist for Philadelphia Park and Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs three days after leaving the board.”

                It would appear as though U.S. officials, in addition to their opposition to online casino gambling, are doing everything in their power to prevent even live gaming to continue without a fight. It is apparent now that any former board will be forced away from representing a casino to prevent casinos from having experienced representation.

                The article continues, “’The need for this legislation has become clear given reports in the media concerning the fact that the former chairman (is) now working for law firms where they represent casinos,’ Orie said in a memo to senators. Orie would make it a condition of employment for lawyers joining the gambling board.”

                The proposal, if passed, will not apply to lawyers outside of the board, and will allow the state Supreme Court to regulate any lawyer assigned to a casino. Orie’s introduced the bill Monday, the results of which remain to be seen by the casino industry, after news quickly spread of the former chairman having joined with the casinos.