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More Casinos to Utilize Ivobank for their Customers

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

                IvoBank has received a great deal of attention since its launch in August of this year. The company provides a very valuable resource to the internet casino gambling community, allowing gamers to bank online. There is no question as to why then Unibet has decided to utilize Ivobank for its customers, offering them a secure online payment option.

                The online casino’s 2.5 million players that span over 150 countries will now be able to pay for their online casino, sportsbook, poker room and scratch card gambling with Ivobank’s specifically designed products and services tailored to lower costs.

                “Our partnership with Unibet presents a fantastic opportunity for us,” said Martin Peterlechner, Director of Commerical Development at Ivobank. “Unibet is a great brand and business to be working with in gaming, and we’re looking forward to giving unrivalled service to Unibet and its customers.”

                “It’s Ivobank’s ability to indemnify and settle funds immediately at any time that is a big plus for us, as well as offering our customers competitive interest rates,” added Daniel Alsen, CIO and Head of Business Development at Unibet. “By using Ivobank, Unibet’s customers will benefit from secure and fast online parments, competitive rates of interest on deposits held with Ivobank, fast and free online payments to friends and family, and the Ivobank Virtual Card that can be used securely online wherever MasterCard is accepted.”

                This new payment service is available to Unibet customers at no cost. Users may apply for an Ivobank account through the company’s website which is licensed and operated under the UK Financial Services Authority.