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Alea Network Adds Personal Identity Verification System

by Hillary LaClair, Senior Editor

            Alea Network NV, a parent company to several online casinos, has enlisted the help of Mobiclear Inc. as a preemptive strike on internet fraudsters. Based out of the Philippines, Mobiclear is a company dedicated to the prevention of fraud with its personal identity verification software.

            Alea was founded by a team of international entrepreneurs three years ago to provide internet gamers with online casino games, poker rooms and a betting exchange. The network’s founders have banking under their belts, leading to a great deal of their success. However, safety plays a large role in the advancements of online gambling establishments. With the market growing substantially every day, internet gamers run into more instances of fraudulent activity than ever. For Alea, the threat of internet fraud has brought on serious concern.

            “We have become more concerned regarding the safety of personal information on site accounts and preventing credit card fraud and money laundering, as well as the need to prevent people from gaming in jurisdictions where it is not allowed,” Alea President Anders Adersson commented. “We need a real time ID verification system and the Mobiclear system allows us to be assured that we are accepting transactions only from legitimate account holders.”

                Mobiclear Chief Executive Officer Stephen P. Cutler said, “This transaction shows that Mobiclear can ensure that both the customers and the client are protected and that fraud can be stopped in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. We are delighted to assist Alea and are confident that this is the first of many announcements of new contracts for Mobiclear.”